Hole-Sealer Plug is a rapid acting water activated structural putty, that is manufactured to expand into ‘through hole’ ruptures and form a structural impact resistant repair plug.  The Hole Sealer Plug is also very helpful to reduce leaks or completely stop leaks even in those difficult areas to reach on a boat, due to the expanding nature of the product just before the putty cures into a Plug.   Several Hole Sealer putty pouches can be used in 30 second intervals to close large ‘through hole’ ruptures.  Hole-Sealer Plug can be applied above or below the waterline.

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PEM ‘sticky’ Patch and Hole Sealer Plug are uniquely engineered products and provide the user immediate boat saving and environmental protection opportunities in certain serious predicaments.

Hole Sealer Plug – Application Training

Large Hole (Closure) Nano X5 Application 02