PEM Sticky Patch

PEM ‘sticky’ PATCH

Use immediately above and below the waterline.  An amazing instant tack and leak sealing solution.  Simply apply to the leak and compress.  Apply a Patch to both sides of the leak structure for really amazing results.

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Hole Sealer Plug


Apply above or below the waterline.   Expands into any shaped hole or rupture.    Forms a fast curing structural plug.   Can be used to seal large holes and ruptures.

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UV Tape Wrap


A high strength tape wrap that bonds to most surfaces.  Cures rapidly in sunlight.    Once cured provides substantial structural repairs to damaged equipment.

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UV Patch


UV Patch has tenacious adhesion to most surfaces and will cure quickly by sunlight to form a high strength impact resistant repair.  Use over dry damaged surfaces or over a PEM sticky Patch to achieve a long term repair.

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Black Tape


Black Tape is a water activated reinforcing tape for wrapping around damaged structures in wet or submerged conditions.   Black Tape can be used to wrap around Hole Sealer Plug during the Plug’s soft and expanding phase to further strength a repair.

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Welcome to Hole-SealerTM

This website is dedicated to Hole-SealerTM products and solutions for boat owners, plant managers of storage tank farms and ship maintenance engineers, where leaks and ruptures present either a serious environmental hazard or a potentially life threatening situation for crews of vessels afloat.

European Engineering

StrongBond Polymer is a European led reinforced composite polymer engineering company that has dedicated several years to developing and testing Hole-Sealer products on different types of surfaces, above and below the waterline.   The full range of Hole Sealer products are application tested in different types of sea conditions and temperatures from Arctic to Tropical environments.

Whether it is damaged bulkheads or serious through-hull boat ruptures deep below the waterline, to a simple weld leakage on an inland steel canal barge.   Hole-Sealer provides a range of specifically engineered products that can be used immediately straight from the package.  (No mixing of chemicals or additives is necessary to harden the materials).

Hole Sealer packages provide responsible persons a variety of unique product solutions for vessels afloat including tank farm managers and expedition leaders.   A Hole-Sealer product is available for inland canal barges and cruisers, offshore canoeists, transatlantic yachtsmen, commercial fishing and shipping.